Friday, July 10, 2009


Friday, July 10, 2009
Edited July 13, 2009

I wanted to let everyone know that I heard from Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics about my post. She generously resolved this issue, and explained the cost of the swatches to me. In case anyone else has misunderstood, the cost of the swatch covers the shipping. I also wanted to make clear that I love the knit prints that I received.

Although the knits were too sheer for the dresses I wanted to make, they are a great weight for chemo hats, so I think it will be put to that purpose. The cardigan Sewingsue suggested Simplicity 2603 is a great idea if anyone else has sheer knit.

I received my fabric orders from Gorgeous Fabrics and today. I am very disappointed with some of the fabrics I received from Gorgeous Fabrics. They did not live up to the descriptions given on the web site.

This is the description given of the fabric shown on the left.

Oh. My. Goodness! Can I tell you how much I adore this gorgeous jersey? It's lightweight, but not see-through, and it is perfect for tops, dresses or loungewear (mmm, jammies)! It will work up beautifully into a dress with New Look 6823. Or make a great top using Onion Empire Top. You'll look like a goddess!

Not see-through? Dress-weight? I would not even wear this for a nightgown. I can see the color of my skin through this fabric.

This is the description of the fabric on the right.

I love this jersey! It's a fantastic shade that will work perfectly for fall! It will work up beautifully into a dress with New Look 6823. Or make a great wardrobe with Vogue 8462. Perfect!

I would not make this fabric into a dress, but a wardrobe! No way you would see me in see-through pants.

I am telling you this because Gorgeous Fabrics does not accept returns. I know that many of you have had great experiences with Gorgeous Fabrics, but I will not order from them again unless I get a swatch. The descriptions are not accurate.

On the other hand, the fabric I received from was exactly as described, half the price, has free shipping and returns.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with this sheer fabric? Both are knit and I have 4 yards of each.


sewingsue said...

I would suggest some sort of wrap cardigan like Simplicity 2603 -- as a matter of fact, I'm on the lookout for sheerish knit for this as it requries a fairly generous amount of fabric!! good luck!

Gorgeous Things said...

Hi Cindy

I am very sorry you are disappointed with your fabric. If you would contact me directly, I would be happy to try to work something out with you.

Thank you very much
Ann Steeves
Gorgeous Fabrics

West Coast Boomer said...

I was impressed that both you and Ann Stevens came to an agreement -- and that you graciously discussed your resolution. impressive on both sides.

birgitbdeboer said...

Hmm.. a drapey shirt/t-sirt dress would be a solution, there's a japanese craft book out there called "drape drape". There are some tops and a dress in there that are easy to whip up. I wear the sleeveless T-shirt dress with the many folds it turned out very comfortable, classy and wearable.

The patterns need some adjustment to make it everday wearable. It's almost origami with fabric. In the tropics these jerseys are very wearable.

Hot Patterns also carries a t-shirt pattern "three graces" i whipped up a T with their patterns and they are very drapey and COMFORTABLE. Because of the drape it's not see through, I'm happy with those.

Good luck!

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