Monday, May 25, 2009

Color Trends

Monday, May 25, 2009
I discovered a new site today that I think will really help those of us who sew plan ahead. It is Fashion Trendsetter.

Every season I go to the mall and try to determine what colors and styles are the must haves for that season. This site shows the popular colors months in advance. Having this information in advance will really help me plan for the coming season, as I usually start my sewing several months before clothes appear in the stores. They list the Pantone colors so I won't have to try to figure out the colors that are not always accurately reflected on my computer screen. I was really surprised that the colors for fall are very soft.

In their review of upcoming styles for Fall 2009 they say clothes are going to be oversized with leggings and big shoulders. Maybe I shouldn't get rid of those 1980's patterns!


mary said...

Gabi is going to have to get used to shoulder pads... She's always made fun of the few old things I've kept from the 80's. :)
I like the colors for Fall/Winter - lots of browns, which is good for me. There are some interesting blues that will work for you, right? Otherwise, most colors look like Autumns.

Morzel: said...

Maybe you should post this link at the Stitcher's guild "Wardrobe references" thread?!

Cindy said...

Done! :-)

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