Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Patterns for Chemo Hats and Scarves

Friday, May 1, 2009
If you are interested in sewing for others in need, I urge you to join Carewear or Headhuggers. They have many ideas for sewing for those in need. My sewing project for this year is to make chemo hats. I did not want to spend money on patterns, so I looked online for downloadable patterns. Here is a list of what I found:

Reversible Fleece Cap

Fast and Easy Chemo Cap

Polar Fleece Beanie


Bandanna with Tails

Reversible Chemo Hat

Creative Kindness Easy Hat

Creative Kindness Easy Hat Variations

Creative Kindness Beret

Quick and Easy Beanie

Adult Chemo Hat


Anonymous said...

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Jean Shirley said...

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